You’ve decided to grow your own weed. Amazing! Learning how to grow cannabis is a truly rewarding journey, and The Canna Dogg is here to help. There are a lot of strains out there, and choosing the best cannabis strain to start your growing journey with can be difficult. So let The Canna Dogg do the hard work for you, and simply choose one of these tried and tested beginner-friendly strains!

Please do note, and this is important, that the links in here will be affiliate links. That means, that if you click the link, and purchase the product, The Canna Dogg will earn a tiny commission at no cost to you. This is, obviously, a conflict of interest, as The Canna Dogg has an interest in you clicking the links and buying the products, as that will help pay for the costs of hosting this site. That being said, The Canna Dogg only works with partners that The Canna Dogg has personal experience with. It will always be a case of quality > commission. The Canna Dogg only works with seed banks that offer guaranteed delivery, and guaranteed germination. 

With that being said, however, why don’t you support your local seedbank, if you have one, instead? They could probably use the business more than one of the huge seedbanks could. The strain recommendations remain the same, regardless of where it’s from.

Also, this guide will only be covering feminized autoflowers, as they are the easiest to work with for beginners. Essentially, autoflower means that the plant will automatically start the flowering period and start producing buds, so you don’t have to concern yourself with adjusting your light schedule to induce the flowering phase. Feminized means that you won’t need to remove any male plants, as all the plants will grow up to be female. We won’t be diving deep into the theory of cannabis strains, but instead, we’ll be focusing on having some actionable recommendations for the best cannabis strain to grow for beginners.

White Widow

White Widow - The Best Cannabis Strain for Beginners
Photo credit: u/tryptophan__

Fast facts:

  • Hybrid (60% Indica, 40% Sativa)
  • Up to 19% THC
  • <1% CBD
  • 8-9 weeks flowering

The Canna Dogg LOVES growing White Widows, and the White Widow will often come up if you’re discussing what the best cannabis strain for beginners is. An extremely forgiving strain, that produces the classic cerebral and relaxing high, but you won’t get couch-locked. You’ll never go completely wrong in choosing White Widows. 

It’s easy to grow, and is a bushy strain, so it’s a great choice for growing indoors! Based on personal experience, White Widows are also generally quite heat-resistant, which is a huge plus for growing in tents or cabinets. 

If you want an easy grow, that produces a classic enjoyable high, go for the White Widow. You can get them here, with free US/UK shipping.

OG Kush

OG Kush
Photo credit: u/tonye586

Fast facts:

  • Hybrid (75% Indica, 25% Sativa)
  • Up to 19% THC
  • <1% CBD
  • 8-9 weeks flowering

The OG Kush is another solid beginner’s choice. It’s a very popular strain, and for good reason. The high is intense, and may lead to couch-lock. It’s a good choice to consume after hard day’s work, or at night-time before bed, as it’ll instantly relax you! 

As the high is intense, The Canna Dogg recommends that you stock up on snacks beforehand. If you’ve ever smoked a bowl, sat down to watch some Netflix, only to find that you somehow keep ending up in front of the fridge, you know what the OG Kush high is like. A traditional spacy, stoner high, that’s sure to take the edge off everything. 

If you’re completely new to consuming weed or don’t like the intense highs, The Canna Dogg would recommend that you start out with a less intense high, like the White Widow. Otherwise, you can get the OG Kush here, with free US/UK shipping.

ILGM’s Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue
Photo credit: u/BaronVonShoosh

Fast facts:

  • Hybrid (50% Indica, 50% Sativa)
  • Up to 28% THC
  • <1% CBD
  • 8 weeks flowering

The Gorilla Glue (ILGM’s own strain) is another top-choice for beginners. It’s easy to grow indoors, and produces a calm, euphoric, and relaxing high. Its high THC contents produces an intense, but comfortable high, where you might experience some couch-lock.

The strain was created with the aim of creating a relaxing strain, that was easy to grow – even for beginners. The Canna Dogg thinks the good folks over at ILGM succeeded! Stock up on snacks, and consume after a long day, or before going to bed. 

Like with the OG Kush, The Canna Dogg recommends that you start out with White Widow if you’re new to consuming cannabis, or don’t like intense highs. Otherwise, you can get the ILGM Gorilla Glue here, with free US/UK shipping.

Final Notes

There are a lot of cannabis strains out there. A lot. And you’ll probably never find the ultimate best cannabis strain for any purpose. There are just too many variables. However, these three strains here are The Canna Dogg’s personal favorites. If you’ve found an awesome strain somewhere, that you think will be great for beginners, please do share on our subreddit! Similarly, don’t feel like you can only grow any of these three when first starting out, anything is possible, and you can grow whichever strain you’d like. But if you want something that’s easy to grow, and very beginner-friendly, choosing one on this site won’t disappoint.

Already got the seeds, and want to start growing? Head on over to Part 2 of the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide!

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