How to low-stress-train your cannabis

Low-stress-training (LST) is a way you can “train” your plant to produce a bigger yield. Essentially, you’ll want to bend your plant in a way that makes the most of your space, and ensures that as much of your plant gets as much light as possible. 

A natural cannabis plant will grow one main stem, that has one main large “cola”. This main stem will branch out (literally), with lots of smaller branches, that each grows their own smaller buds. This is called apical dominance. The point of low-stress-training is to make these smaller branches get more attention, and grow denser and bigger buds, by flattening the highest point of the plant, so that all the branches are at around the same height. 

This actually also means that all the smaller stems now get much more light, than they would have if they had just been covered by the main stem’s larger leaves. And one of the key determining factors of your yield, is the amount of light your buds receive. 

How Low Stress Train Your Cannabis Plant?

The most important thing here is right in the name. The Canna Dogg likes to live by a “low stress” philosophy, and as do your plants. So what you’ll be doing is carefully, slowly, and gently bending your stems to break this apical dominance. 

You’ll need some plant wire, coated in rubber. The rubber coating is essential, as otherwise the plant wire will simply cut through your plant! Then you’ll need a tiny drill, and some duct tape. 

The first step is to drill holes alongside the edge of your container. These will be your anchoring points. Some people skip this, and simply tie the plant down using the soil as an anchor. The Canna Dogg does not recommend this. 

Once you’ve drilled your holes, you’ll want to gently bend your stems, and tie them down. Start by taking your main stem and gently bend it downwards. Gently means slowly, and don’t overdo it. Everyone has had stems snap on them at some point, but it really sucks if the main stem snaps. So do it slowly, over several days instead, bending it a tiny bit more each day. 

This means that all the smaller stems now have access to a lot more light, and will grow a lot more weed in the end. The trick is, to then keep bending everything down, in a way where you’ll never have a single stem that’s higher than the rest. Bend the smaller stems outwards, away from the main stem. 

Oh, snap!

You’ve snapped a stem. Dammit. Don’t worry, though, The Canna Dogg got you covered. Simply duct tape it back in place, and tie it to some kind of vertical support. Any stick will do, as long as you place it down far enough into your soil, that it’s actually robust enough to support the stem. Then just bandage the stem together with your tape, and use a rubber-coated piece of plant wire to tie it to your support. And lay easy on stress-training this particular stem! 

It sounds a bit fishy, duct-taping a plant together, but if you’ve read the Canna Dogg’s Ultimate Beginner’s Guide, you’ll know that The Canna Dogg always recommends keeping a roll of duct tape handy for exact situations like these. So don’t stress. Well, stress your plants, but don’t stress yourself. 

You can start low-stress-training your plant at any time, but you’ll preferably want to do it sooner rather than later. 

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